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Artist's Statement

Over the years, a working philosophy has developed that is a combination of two schools of thought: George BernardShaw’s, "Some people look at things and say why" I dream of things that are not and why not!" And a possibly still-coherent Dr. Timothy Leary; " I have seen reality and surpassed it." Both silently urge me to keep pushing my ownenvelope, to explore my mind and continue to develop my craft.

With a storied background as an Art Director, Art Professor and Art Consultant, Ron Seitler is constantly
reinventing himself. A distinguished career in advertising, creating promotional campaigns, marketing
programs and corporate logos for international corporations gave way to his own artwork, which he now
pursues full-time.

A founding member of the Pastel Society of Southwest Florida, Ron maintains memberships in a variety of professional organizations, including the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, and the Pastel Society of America. Originally from New York City, and educated at the prestiguous High School of Music and Art, Seitler paints while listening to jazz in his studio in Florida, where he now resides. An ecclectic mix of styles and subject matter, often painted in series, including landscapes of the US, Europe and Mexico, nudes and portraits, and a collection of jazz images, as well as his “WordSpiel series, which
exhibits Ron’s more humorous side. He also accepts commissions, sometimes.

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